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Dr. Mario Fever Theme – Hirokazu Tanaka

The soundtrack to my 1994 family holiday north, because Dr. Mario was the only game i brought with me. I got pretty good at it consequently, though i’m sure not to competition standard. I always chose this theme and i’m sure that says something about me, though nothing interesting. I liked how it moved into that less frantic second part. I can’t remember what the other two sounded like. Just this, over and over, hours on end.


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Map Theme

Map theme – Kenji Yamamoto

I think this is to remind myself that i still haven’t finished this game. I was so close but collecting everything, the game’s difficulty and the nudging feeling that i’m wasting my life playing video games means it has remained untouched, gathering dust under the TV for months. With all the free alone time i have now i could probably do well to finish it. What else is there to do? I would be so out of practice.

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Housesitting my mother’s house and my sister took the computer from there without telling me, so no internet. It’s funny how much i rely on it, especially in that it’s all i was planning to do. If i had known i would have planned otherwise. Yard work, pawing through old photos, a walk, patting cats and television got me through the time. Ho hum. Well back to the slaving. Here are the songs.
Wednesday: Ugly town – The Pastels

Thursday: Contra Jungle theme – Kyouhei Sada

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Map Theme

Donkey Kong Country Returns Map Theme – Kenji Yamamoto

The soundtrack to my life since Christmas. Guess what i got for Christmas? It’s nice playing a game that’s difficult for a change, but this thing, especially see as how i’m one of those get everything, complete game 100% (102%?) type of people, is seriously hard. At least i hope it is, and i haven’t just lost all ability by playing simple games meant for children for so long. Maybe it’s the Wii controls. Maybe i can blame all my losses on the controls for once and be justified. At least lives are plentiful.

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Inside Mumbo’s hut – Grant Kirkhope

I don’t know why but i am playing Banjo Kazooie again. Maybe to actually finish it, which is something my sister did but i never. It was her game after all. That one, magical Christmas when we got our Nintendo 64 and split the games between us – Banjo Kazooie and 1080º Snowboarding for her, Ocarina of Time and WCW vs. NWO Revenge for me. Yes, we got our 64 Christmas of 1998, two years after everyone else. It was still a ticket to an echelon of cool in school i hadn’t achieved since my NES days. Playing it again now is like a ticket to staying up to 4 in the morning with no one to brag about progress, discovery, etc. to; no one to trade games, follow news, spend time after school, get excited with. Maybe video games are for losers after all.


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Super Mario Bros.: Overworld theme – Kōji Kondō

It is Rebekah’s ring tone, and work, asking us both if we could come in earlier than rostered today, woke us up with it this morning, overriding any other shape of a song i may have had in my head then. I hate my job. There, i said it. Finally. Though i am thankful to be employed in this town of such little opportunity, what i do, the company i work for, my lowest of low level management position in that company i involunteered to be raised to, how my position and shirt emblem oblige and invite all responsibility to the shortfallings and criticism of a company i care nothing about, how my job has become increasingly corporate, my work being effectual in a way i resolutely do not want to be effectual, the extraneous work i, being of conducive nature to the point of dupedom, am always roped in to, the aggregation of hostile, weird or outright rude customers this week – it is starting to get to me. That, and the distress over that i should be beyond this work by now, and how it holds nothing to the person or that distant, still unidentified place i want to be.

Wow, check it out: I’m a person dissatisfied with their job. At its best, and as i’d like to have it for as long as i have to have it, it is harmless, i do not have to bring work home with me, and the people i work with are nice enough. At its worst, what i do irritates me to the point i am sick with myself. There is a damage there. But what else am i going to do? What else do i want to do? Play Super Mario Bros.

Film school…

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