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Star Of David

Star of David – The Field Mice

I’ve been turning to the albums the Field Mice released more these days. Partly because of exhaustion with the EP’s, singles and demos, but mostly in search of more Field Mice. I put up barriers to their larger records initially. Something about the size of the things, the length of the songs, the competence of craft, the elevation of it, a proficiency writing over all the amateurish tinkling they began with. When they found how to be the band they wanted to be, something seemed lost from when it was just two people and a drum machine.

I find looking on the internet (never in person, because who am i going to turn to?) that the albums are what people cling to and cite as model Field Mice. I can see why. It sounds more like music is meant to. But i can also see another reason, and that is the weight albums have taken on as the correct music parcel in people’s consciousness. The amount of vendors at my last record fair (or any record fair) without 7″‘s attest to that. It’s a rewriting of music history and i’m damn opposed. But to leave out the Field Mice’s albums completely would be to leave out some very nice songs, along the same vital thread as all Field Mice songs, regardless of record diameter.


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If You Need Someone

If you need someone – The Field Mice

To group things under big umbrella media-terms that make people angry, the two music genres i’ve latched on to most in this life have been emo and twee. Though i’ve learned myself to keep most things internal, i like how bare and clumsy they are with things. There is probably a correlation to when i shut in and when i figured out this (i could just umbrella them further under punk) was for me. It became my mouthpiece for things i wouldn’t dare take beyond my bedroom.

Imagine what i could be if i was more comfortable being visible. I could never ask someone if they need someone. I could wish it, i could promise it to myself, i could be that person and probably be that person well, but finding the place – the inroad – to be it, if no one asked, is beyond the person i’ve conditioned myself to be. I sound horrible.

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The world to me – The Field Mice

This is an odd Field Mice song but it’s not really. The synthy brass that was never before or again used by the Field Mice makes it so. While very of the time, it is just so bold, out of place, a stylised reminder of other bands, and, now, dating. But in every other way this, like all their other excursions (New Order, wah guitar, country, etc.), is very much still a Field Mice song. Stripped and realigned, all these songs co-ordinate to a single inconsolable vision of inconsolation. Of love and distance to and from. Of nothing else because there is room for nothing else, only different ways to carry it.

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If you need someone – The Field Mice

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Below the stars – The Field Mice

This is the most bedroom song ever written, sending out private hope, private sentiment over some night sky to an other. Clunky lyrics, uninhibited fragility, unconstrained intimacy. An intense fawning in all other respects best left within, swelling and seeping out through song. Everything unsaid, withheld, everything past its moment forced out in quiet desperation. A line drawn, a world bridged, distance cut and need served by wishing, hoping and keeping enough. A vigil carried up and away on hope as those last chords arpeggiate, twinkle and repeat. Longing and regret tied to the string of a balloon.

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Between hello and goodbye – The Field Mice

What a lovely song. Happiness and heartbreak, hello and goodbye – having a someone.

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Loveless Love

Loveless love – The Field Mice

The Feelies Mice. The Fieldies. This is a really good cover of an in the first place incredible song. The Field Mice very much make it their own, eschewing the arpeggio outro and other guitar sophistry not becoming them, and replacing the franticness of the Feelies with their own special kind.

It is this version i had in my head. It’s the tape warble. It comes from a compilation tape called Something’s Burning In Paradise Again… that came bundled with a zine in 1989. Of course i have neither the tape or the zine, so it is with a heap of gratitude – mine and the many like me who i will never meet because we’re strewn at inconvenient, remote distances across this planet – that someone many years ago compiled a file of Field Mice demos, compilation and live songs. They nearly doubled the amount of Field Mice songs i had by doing so, and that is a great gift indeed. So thank you, person.

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