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Judy Jetson

Judy Jetson – Darlington

This is actually pretty terrible. Like really terrible. I hope i’ve always thought this way. I’m pretty sure i have. I don’t see any Darlington CDs here, and i would have come across them at the height of my pop punk consumption. I must have thought them atrocious to leave them behind while latching on to so many other bland pop punk bands. And a few great ones.

It is just bland, bland, bland. This was a standard for this music at the time: An easily identifiable subgenre through song structure, song production, lyric content, inspiration and ambition. There is this abyss of bands who never strayed from a formula, never wrote good songs, and clogged up a shameful amount of my earspace. Even with once great bands, falling into a mode for this music they helped define and make great through not being modal at all. If it comes to the point where you have to state and disclaim your banality in your lyrics, maybe you should give up. This is not a concept song for Darlington, poking fun at and identifying pop punk’s shortcomings and habitualness. This was them, their element, and as good as they got within it.

wet hot american summer

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