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Pokemon Theme Song

The Pokemon theme song

Like breakdowns and run of the mill hardcore, i also was fortunate to miss out on Pokemon. I was there, it was just a mercy of having to catch the bus for school at 7:17 every morning for school that i missed out on a lot of what Cheez TV were showing (including Earthworm Jim and reruns The Tick unfortunately). When Beyblade started, and the whole schedule of before school TV became dedicated to monotonous anime action figure commercials, i got the heck out of there. I keep with me no anguish going through youth with my only real exposure to Pokemon being Super Smash Bros.

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War By Other Means

War by other means – Trial

I think i grew up at the right point, and avoided for the most part hardcore’s fascination with and mandatory injection of the breakdown. Boy, did it ever become a formula. It’s something for people to latch on to, i guess. And, besides prayer/honour/offering, dancing being the chief purpose of music, it’s something to shake your bon bon to. A very routine form of bon bon shaking, for a very certain type of bon bon shaker. Boy, did that ever become a formula. Anyway, breakdowns kind of make sense when then they’re as propellant as this song’s. It’s just a shame they became a ritual for morons. You know what i mean.

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I am a pancreas (I seek to understand me…) – Armalite

There was a time in my youth i was almost wishing diabetes on myself. Like the best hypochondriacs, i saw and inflated every passing irregularity as a symptom, ignoring any sound medical advice suggesting an otherwise. I thought it would be a cool disease to have. That was the life upheaving, potentially fatal chronic disease for me. Not type 2 diabetes, however. That’s for losers. I was gunning for type 1, which i learned eventually isn’t something you can exactly gun for.

I had fancies of keeping my insulin injection pack with me everywhere i went, excusing myself from company three times a day, having a regular doctor, trips to the hospital, getting support from the ADS, watching with some severity what i ate, and just generally being a cool guy with diabetes. What an idiot. I just ate a lot of sugar, which is more a direct line to tooth decay than anything. Fingers crossed i can keep this twenty year streak of not visiting a single doctor going another twenty years. What an idiot.

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I’ll be you’re shelter – Taylor Dayne

Na na na. Guess where i last heard this song. And guess where yesterday some juice or blood from a poorly wrapped chicken splashed on my face after a customer dropped it on to my scanner causing me to freak out, curse and knock everything over in my way looking for a cloth or something to get it off my face, run up to the toilet and cry and then feel like a massive baby as i come back down as though i should. I’m not doing well there. I seriously fucking hate it. Hopefully things work out re: escape plan.

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Little Star

Little star – cub

Ah, cub. The band that, along with Go Sailor, started this whole journey for me. Three dorky girls making this most simple and charming of music, which i was instantly and completely taken by. A whole new world opened up, a perfect world, existing all that time unbeknownst to and unfelt by me. A new punk rock, a different lineage of underground music. Cheap guitar, bass, drums from Canada changing my life. This joy and gift of music.

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See you later, heartbreaker – The Baskervilles

I mean these are normal people who through will and some circumstance are actively pursuing a dream and achieving it; who have some pride in what they’re doing and are having a lot of fun doing it. Who am i?

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Dream On Daisy

Dream on Daisy – The Parallelograms

What would happen if a band ever read my besmirching of them on here? My shaky, irresolute, insubstantial, easily refuted, easily ignored, lost on the internet comments, coming from a nobody who clearly knows nothing. They would be devastated, of course. I should be more careful here, lest i hurt anyone’s feelings.


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