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Koi Hitoyo

Koi hitoyo – Kudo Shizuka

Dig that fretless bass, or the synthesizer approximation thereof. I spend more time with individual pop songs than i do whatever you’d class the other music i listen to. I guess that’s their purpose. Anyway, from Shizuka lately it has been constant immersion for me in this song. It is full of those late in the decade elements and instruments (like the aforementioned fretless bass) that have stood in the way of me liking certain songs before, and it’s a power ballad on top of that, but am i ever in love with it. Research tells me this song was used as a commercial for an open air museum in Hakone, which (the town, not the museum) is on my list of places to visit someday. I can’t remember why it is on there, but it is, and this song finding me disparately as it did just makes it seem fated. One day.

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Music for evenings – Young Marble Giants

I think it might be cliche to speak of Young Marble Giants as the quietest band in the world, but there’s a truth to it and a power it carries that i believe should always stick to them. This is the third time a song of theirs has come up here which to me seems far too low. But that might be a blessing because look at me struggling to find something to say. The opening song to the second side of the album, one of my favourite songs by one of my favourite bands. An underrated song i think, but i’m sure those sensitive and sensible love them all.

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Theme – Descendents

Here they are with no lyrics whatsoever. Are the problems identified a few days ago avoided through the instrumental song here, or is there an essence in the bass, drums and guitar unsilenceable through which the gross side of the Descendents still seeps? Who cares? It does make for a nice stop point between them though. And it’s a Tony Lombardo song. The best Descendent.

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Jaa Ne

Jaa ne – Onyanko Club

The ultimate flying in the face of sadness song. Or better perhaps flying directly into the face of sadness. They’re really dragged through this, every time, every graduation. Japanese words i have learned from their pop music: Kanashimi. This was the first Onyanko Club song (as a group) to reach number one. Nakajima Miharu on main vocals.

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Koi wa kuesu-chan – Onyanko Club

Koo-koo-koo-koo-koo-estion. Question.

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Get The Time

Get the time – Descendents

Once upon a time the Descendents were everything too me. My all (heh…). The band that seemed to encompass and reflect everything teenage me felt and was going through, except the coffee drinking and openness to farting. Allies (heh..) in lonely nerddom. Now, older but still probably younger than they were when they wrote these songs (and half the age they are as they continue to sing them), and i can barely stomach them. These really nice songs i thought were the most romantic things i had ever heard now come across as repulsive anthems running a nice guy, friend-zoned split of entitlement, control and patheticness. The coffee and fart songs now seem the least immature. The songs are still so good. They’ll always be, however much i don’t want to be reminded of the me who once aligned with them completely and didn’t realise how gross it was.

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Koi no chapter A to Z – Kawai Sonoko

The Onyanko Club were not known for their dancing. They weren’t known for their singing either, but dancing for them consisted never more than a shuffling of the feet and meaningful hand gestures, and then done rather clumsily. But there’s magic working around that. Today’s case is what is done during this song. Starting with all members in front of Sonoko and her four back up singers, they shuffle off to the wings when the song enters its verse. The camera closes in on Sonoko as she sings her solo, and then in some miracle of time and space the camera zooms out to reveal everyone now behind her. It’s the smallest thing, really, but it took my breath away the first time i saw it, it did.

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