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Ohio – Chixdiggit!

I don’t know what or who the Whuppin’ is, but Ohio is its home. This is silly and barely related to this song, but it always disappoints me when Canadians refer to things and places in the U.S.A. with as much ease and familiarity as they do those in Canada. I know it’s only across a border or lake, but there’s something sometimes so great about provincialism and i believe every freely-spouted reference to the U.S. by a Canadian with a platform harms that. It’s disheartening, as though it is more appealing, less demeaning to set yourself as an (U.S. of) American or disclose your Canadianism.

Like when the Kids in the Hall set a sketch in, a character from, or talk about the United States compared to when things are absolutely, brilliantly Canadian. I want to hear about Canada – your Canada. Those little things that shape people growing up where they do. It’s a stupid thing to care about, and there is probably a lot of over border acquaintance (not so much coming back i wager), but to be a someone from a somewhere is sometimes a great thing indeed. Not that all too often i’m happy to declare myself an Australian from Australia.

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Hello – Potbelleez

Well hasn’t this been one crappy week. TV show themes, a song i didn’t want to deal with, and a day i almost gave up. And now a song i only know through its use as a station ID for the digital channel GO!. Well great. It’s nice channel 9 could find a cheap enough song featuring the lyric “GO!” to use constantly for station promos. Some entrepreneuring person should write a catchy, of-the-times song replete with “GO”s ready for when channel 9 decide to tweak their station’s image and need a new promo. Royalty cheque, ahoy.

When we actually get a signal, GO! is my source for Bewitched, Community and Seinfeld cropped to the wrong aspect ratio. Unfortunately those times we do get the channel it’s usually just in time for a Two and a Half Men or The Big Bang Theory marathon. Ugh. TV. I watch too much. It’s just not healthy.

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Crazy – Gnarls Barkley

Mnehh. It never struck me as it seemed to have everybody else, but i’m an irrevocable prude. While not in direct line for it, it was pretty unavoidable, tapping into some universal enthrallment and stamped as the sonic memory of 2006 (five years ago… Gee). But i should have an opinion on it, regardless of personal indifference, living in the world as i do. Mnehh. Shortcut. Well it’s now on my computer, having to search for it to post it. Thanks a lot. It probably was already on here somewhere, issued with itunes or something. Next.

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Won’t Get Fooled Again

Won’t get fooled again – The Who

From the theme song of one of the best television shows to one of the worst. Or an arm of one of the worst. A malignant growth of a cancer of television. I mean, i’ve never actually seen it but… The kind of money that can license a Who song for a show’s opening credits – where that money comes from, the vacuum’s of mediocrity they create – is never going to be behind anything worthwhile.

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Friday Night Lights Theme – W.G. “Snuffy” Walden

I was told going into this that it was Explosions In The Sky who wrote the theme song for the show, but this is so unmistakeably Snuffy i don’t know how that misinformation crossed to me. Maybe they do some other work on the soundtrack. If i knew any of their songs or anything about them at all i might be able to pick them out.

Friday Night Lights is my new favourite reason for never leaving the couch. A superb television thing i’ve slept on for far too long. Something no one i know likes or would ever be willing to give a chance. A network show about high school football, but it ends up being to small town Texas as The Wire was to inner-city Baltimore, near equal in quality and effect. Perfect television.

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My Dad Sucks

My dad sucks – Descendents

Is this really the first Descendents song here? I feel like i’ve written about them before and that cold night in East Kurrajong i first discovered them, but if not the Descendents for which other band? I don’t know… Anyway, one generation looking back at another and saying “Nope.” It’s funny how many people in that room that night were without significant father figures. I shouldn’t speak for others. It’s something we all had in common but never really talked about. No one ever really said their dad sucked, though. The sometimes serenity of distance.

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I don’t care to remember.

Yanked from bed to early to write this or contemplate the song that was there in any way, for a day of work i was looking forward to but it turned out like every other day shift i get to work. I’m in too much of a sourpuss mood to remember or perhaps even be consoled by the song i had in my head this morning.

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Postcard – Liechtenstein

I’d love to send a postcard like this. Over the years i’ve pretty much posted the entire of Survival Strategies In A Modern World by chance, so it is with the most excitement i expect to carry all this year that i await the release of their new album. I’ll have new Liechtenstein songs to swoon over and colour my life with. The band has changed somewhat in two years – adding a new member, becoming cooler – but it is in my number one fan opinion that their preview single Meantime might be the best thing they’ve ever done. Excited i am. I love having the faith that some bands will never disappoint me.

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Borderline – Madonna

The first Madonna song here and it’s a great one. It’s funny how quaint this song seems now. I’m wasn’t around to know if or how quaint it was when released, but the Madonna – the idea of her – i first came to know by her press and parent reputation and from the cool high school kids at the back of my bus was never this tame. Of course that was many years after this song, when reinvention after reinvention had made Madonna the baddest girl of all pop, but she hasn’t she since the beginning always held that title. I guess it’s a matter of her moving beyond herself – the paths cut, bubbles pushed, the things co-opted for mainstream audience – to keep her place and relevance as the world again and again latches on catches up. It began here.

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Lucky – Britney Spears

I know she’s not really my cup of tea and i never listen to her by choice, but still i am really surprised that this is the first Britney Spears song to appear here. This song in particular. I don’t think i’ve even heard it since it fell out of our top 40 and its video off of early morning Rage or Video Hits. It’s not her best song. It falls into that myth-making/perpetuating category of Britney Spears songs that i might have a problem with. I wonder how her career (or her life_ would have carried on without it – without the meddling, the image construction. I wonder where the pop scene as a whole would be without it.

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