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Pristine Christine – The Sea Urchins

So as of yesterday i own this record. Is this the golden ticket to the elite club of indie aesthetes i’ve been waiting for? I looked on ebay last night and (even though this should be no indication of what it is worth, only what some free-spending blockheads are willing to pay) the last copy of this record sold for 301 British pounds! Who does that?! I don’t want to say how much i paid for it but, with conversion and everything, i could have bought twenty copies the price i paid for it. Some people…

It’s far from my favourite record, but i won’t act like i’m not excited to own it. SARAH 1, in my hands. It’s quite a thrill. Also SARAH 2, 8, 26, 49, 81, 401, 603, 610 and 613. In this part of the world, everything bought brick-and-mortar or from a stall in person, never once bowing to extortion, that’s not too bad.

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