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Whatever You Want

Whatever you want – Club 8

If Club 8 were never to have developed their sound and stayed the same as on their first album i, play-it-safe luddite that i am, probably would have kept up with them. Of course my conservative benefit is almost always anyone else’s detriment. Instead they went places i feared to be seen and were fantastic with every reinvention. I get that now. Anyway, this was the song that made me realise. The things i cheat myself out of. The things i’m not ready for.

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I guess i was wrong – Club 8

The only time i have ever listened to something in a record store was this album in that great but ill-fated store run by the Popfrenzy people hidden in those back streets around Central Station. It’s something i never do, can never bring myself to do, and is something, according to Peter (happy birthday…), people do freely and without hesitation all the time. The person running the store was overwhelmingly friendly and eager to help, but pleasantly and distantly so, unlike the worst kinds of fashion sales assistants. That’s why my wardrobe stinks.

She was probably a someone – some scene entity everyone knows and everyone should know so why don’t you? She seemed like a someone. So why should she suffer some lone nerd in her store thumbing through her records? She suffered incredibly well. Maybe it was because of how i felt, how she made me feel, and how being the lone customer in a store makes one feel – i had to do something.

It was an amazing store. It seemed everything i had recently found out about from my delayed discovery of indiepop was there. I had no trouble finding things i wanted, only, with no job, trouble in paying for the things i wanted. I had to make some decisions. With the option made open, i asked if i could listen to some things on the stereo.

This was the only Club 8 song i had heard at the time, and i loved it so. If they all were this good i would have bought this album. Lucky i checked. They probably were all this good, just different and not straight ahead, 4/4, perfect rocky songs. I was such a fool. Of course i love every facet and every period of the band now and am still without this album. To be able to link this album with some form of nostalgia, that seems so appropriate. I can’t even remember what i did buy. A kind of boring Rainer Maria CD and two other things… I can’t remember.

The store only lasted a couple of months, and i only got there once. What i would do if i could go back there, employed. I would save it from going out of business, is what.

you weren't not ever lovlier

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