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Pink Glove

Pink glove – Pulp

I’d say i have a very good, comprehensive knowledge of Pulp and their songs, but lord help me if i could tell you their titles. Thank you, girlfriend, for after playing this loudly enough to wake me up, being that much of a Pulp encyclopaedia to identify it immediately based on my limp “Hey what’s that Pulp song that goes da dada…” question. And for just being all round the best.

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The Fear

The fear – Pulp

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She’s A Lady

She’s a lady – Pulp

This wasn’t the song in my head this morning. It was Henry’s Dress’ The Way She Goes, but i wanted to do something nice and honour the song that was in my girlfriend’s head for a change, as though to keep something of her here, to evince her wonderful, wonderful effect on me. I’m a wreck. I’m going to try and force my mind into singing Woke Up New by the Mountain Goats as i wake up tomorrow because i cannot think of a more appropriate song for how i feel right now.

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Babies – Pulp

My girlfriend is definitely on to me. Again, a song on repeat at volume to wake me up today. This one. Although this morning she actually ventured from this one song to others (Pulp being her favourite band and all), through saturation, this thing is becoming more a compilation of her favourite songs than mine.

I really like that she has a favourite band. There’s something… i don’t know… reassuring and satisying about it. That she has something to herself that gives her so much joy. That mine isn’t the only music heard in this house. That boys like Jarvis Cocker and other foppish indie boys catch her eye and cause her heart to flutter….

Dreamy. I can’t compete with this. It’s a loathsome circumstance that she ended up with this charmless do-nothing whose looks are fading exponentially fast, if ever i had them to begin with. At least once there may have been potential, but now with everyday comes the irreversible slide down through less and less looks and i have no capacity to change it and it’s depressing the fuck out of me. Hey.

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