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Tuff Lovin

Tuff lovin – Huggy Bear

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On the wolves’ tip – Huggy Bear

Weaponry Listens to Love was the first Huggy Bear album i owned. It’s the only album they ever released, but you know what i mean – the first Huggy Bear i could take home with me. I was not at all ready for it. All i had heard was the obvious: Dissthentic Penetration, Pansy Twist, Her Jazz. All i expected was straightforward. in anger, intent and music. Like the English Bikini Kill. I don’t mean to say that Bikini Kill were straightforward, just that they were instant with me.

It is kind of hard to go back and remember how impenetrable and disappointing this sounded the first time i played it. It is everything but to me now. I’m wary to say that i get it, but i do, in the most vital way. It was after reading the amazing, self-authored Huggy Bear chapter in this book (i can’t remember the title of but as soon as i go back to university i’m going to read it again) about women in rock that just in print, in their words, that they came to be an indispensable thing in my life, impenetrable or not.

So from the beginning i went, Rubbing the Impossible to Burst onward, finding even more avant garde-y material that should have baffled me even more but this time blew me away just as i needed it to. They really are the most incredible and important band. Weaponry Listens to Love i think is considered not their brightest hour, that something was lost, but that hour came all at once for me so i can’t gauge that. If i’m expected to mitigate love for it, i can’t. It’s everything i love about the band. Every inspiring, incendiary thing. Rhythm and detonation, exactly.

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