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I’ll be fine – Amateur Drunks

Good show last night yes quite good. We haven’t had a pop punk band this great since… i don’t know, the 90’s. Believe me, i’ve been waiting. And now they have an album, it’s excellent, Edo’s voice is as fantastic, clumsy yet on, and so much his as it is live, and maybe now with it they have the product to reach the wacks who all found out at the same time that guitar pop is a music worth their attention and butt shakin’. As long as it’s packaged properly, offers attractive lifestyle augmentation and is filtered through the right press, which of course Amateur Drunks are/do not. It’s a pity. Based on song craft and sincerity, it should be this years Royal Headache LP. Pop punk: most predictable. Most excellent. Out now on Consume Records.

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I am nobody – Amateur Drunks

And now i know what it’s called! I’ve been calling it “Walking down the road,” but no longer because they went and recorded a whole album, tonight being it’s release show. At Black Wire, 7pm (punk meridian, so adjust), be there. I will be. The one who looks like he hasn’t bought new clothes in five years, who rushes out of the room first after each band has played, walking around the block to avoid standing around alone with nothing to do until the next band, and who’s having a very good time. Did this album come out of no where? I had no idea they were making it, or ever would make one. But it’s here and i’m excited.

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My favourite stories – Amateur Drunks

Band i wish i were in #47. Or #1 if i were to list it preferentially. At least i get to see them often, though not as often as i should. I have this joint torment that i become too much their #1 fan, split between crippling shyness and that i lose that place to someone else. I should just go for that #1 fan position. Sydney/Newcastle rarely have had a good punk pop band, and never one this good. I’m just so happy they exist, to have them here, and that it’s these people involved.

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