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Did you lose something – Days of Iris

The last time i was in Melbourne, i had a chauffeuring assignment to drive Mr. Tenzenmen to Melbourne’s version of Central Station, driving his car, making him on time for his flight back home. What an honour! No, really, it was a nice drive into the city at sunrise and, for it being the first time i had spent any length of time alone with him, it was surprisingly comfortable and conversation ran freely enough. And i drove his car well enough for him to never once reprimand me.

We didn’t listen to any music the way there, or if we did it was the radio or the CD already in the stereo turned low. As soon as i dropped him off and the drive became mine alone, i reached into his glovebox and pulled out what i could find. It was a good selection. Not his, but ours/Lawrence’s we brought down with us. Most of it had been exhausted on the drive down, so i pulled the Days of Iris CD out. It was Melbourne. Why not?

It was so fitting. Exhilarating. The perfect soundtrack for a 5:30am drive along flat, wide, then trafficless, tramless, well-planned streets of a city that just may be as great as everyone, every migration, everything they have there that is lacking elsewhere, everything that is cherished there, says it is. In a city i don’t even know where east points, this was one of the best solo sunrises of my life.

I took the longest way possible without getting lost, Days of Iris playing the whole time. I made it play through twice before finding my way back to Mountfield. I missed my one chance to see them, so forever Days of Iris remain one of those insular Melbourne secrets. This drive was like, in a way, unlocking that secret. Absorbing the city that produced the band. Understanding it. Relishing it. Though it were probably not it’s empty streets, dawn, driving, and being alone that delivered the world this all too shortly-lived, wonderful band.

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