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Yesterday: Kagami no naka no watashi – Yoshizawa Akie

Today: Royals – Lorde

Which teenage popstar carries with her the more affecting, less affected semblance? The openly manufactured, inadequately talented 1980’s Japanese girl, or the covertly manufactured modern day New Zealand equivalent?

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Royals – Lorde

Staying in on nights you’re not supposed to, watching Rage and having the outside brought in, feeling the gap. There’s something in me that makes me think that this disconnect i have with new music and the attractive people that make it is my fault, not theirs. If i could get over myself and every other barrier between me and a happy existence, ignore the controlled and contrived elements seemingly everything out there thrown at me has, and have the patience to put up with it, then maybe i’d be happy amongst the approved and delivered songs of the generation appointed to erase mine. But then again music has always been terrible. I’ve just not always been this old, ugly and bitter. Well, not this old at least. I haven’t found any evidence that her name isn’t a reference to Audre Lorde. Good luck in your NCEA exams.

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