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Madrid – Juniper Moon

False starts on national television, price tag still on the guitar – Yes! Playing the song slower than on the record… Well that’s a no, but overall a resounding yes! Juniper Moon! A band of resounding yeses.

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El Resto De Mi Vida

El resto de mi vida – Juniper Moon

Between the time i last stopped looking and last night, Elefant Records have uploaded all the appearances of their bands’ appearances on the Conciertos Radio 3 show on Spanish television station TVE2. That means two full Juniper Moon sets, one from 2000 and another from 2003 (so one for the EP’s, the other for the album), and that also means i went to bed very late last night. The first appearance is the better of the two. In the latter Dado’s guitar is mixed too high and Eva’s keyboard too low, they look tired and their singing is a bit flat if those things matter. But this song is from the album so i have to post a video from the latter set. Watch for the camera hitting Eva’s microphone as it dollies past her.

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Friday, July 6th:
Scared – Verbal Assault

Saturday, July 7th:
Tool – Heavenly

Sunday, July 8th:
Daydreamer – Merel

(a live version because i couldn’t find mp3s for Superpowers)

Monday, July 9th:
JM y la furgoneta azul – Juniper Moon

Tuesday, July 10th:
Hey U – Venny

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A veces si, a veces no – Juniper Moon

I want to start a band whose sole influence is those Spanish bands from around the turn of the century. I don’t think any of us will be Spanish speakers, but we will sing in Spanish to honour these bands’ resolution (i like to think so…) to keep their lyrics in their native language and not in English.

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No te pongas el sombrero – Juniper Moon

It seems it’s one day Juniper Moon, one day Kpop, one day neither around here lately. Today’s Juniper Moon’s turn! A typical song, in that it’s fantastic and pulls its elating chorus out just at the right moment. Soon enough i’ll have posted the whole album. This is track number one.

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JM Y La Furgoneta Azul

JM y la furgoneta azul – Juniper Moon

I love how stock the verse of this song is, only for it to be met with some glorious chorus that probably isn’t all that remarkable but boy does it ever sound good. I love how quickly it gets there. Four times without vocals, four times with, a chord held a little longer for transition’s sake, chorus. Yeah. I love this band. Only Vacaciones wrote more perfect, more blissful whirlwinds.

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Puro Teatro

Puro teatro – Juniper Moon

I like when this song speeds up at the chorus into that punk beat, yet doesn’t seem to speed up fast enough for it to keep in time. It’s as though they wanted a let(‘s) go, freak out moment and settled on going punk double time, but didn’t have the training or experience to do it right. They’re a little slow in their transformation. It still works though. It’s still fantastic. It’s still every bit a run-around-in a-circle freak out moment.

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