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Sorry But I

Sorry but i – C-Real

What ever happened to this song? One cool as heck video, one day that the internet gushed over it, and now it and all momentum and enthusiasm for it seems to have disappeared. Who’d know it ever happened? Was it even promoted? Was it even intended to be promoted? A danceless, vocal song with a different kind of video would have needed a different kind of stage – a stage everyone involved simply didn’t want to put forth to the world. Wimps. Maybe this is just a nice stopgap of a song, to remind us C-Real exist and will be back soon to show us a new side of them so please anticipate or whatever it is that they all say. It’s a pity if this song was decided lesser or not in line with something desirable to promote. I was so swept up in it.

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Fantastic Day

Fantastic day – Haircut 100

I get the feeling, context upheld, that Haircut 100 weren’t the coolest of bands to like. Like the tail of Orange Juice without the Postcard comet head to assuage, taking and testing some lame, collaborationist things. Fun music for those who find it particularly easy to ignore things. Thankfully, context removed, the substance, origin and point of music no longer being the fulcrum on which liking it rests, i don’t have to worry about that and can like Haircut 100 in the comfort of my own alienated sphere.

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Nagisa no『・・・・・』 – Ushiroyubi Sasaregumi

Apparently 『 and 』are the opening and closing quotation marks for the Japanese written language. It makes sense, for a language traditionally written vertically but now more often horizontally. But it leads me to ask the same thing i asked in French class when i found out about the « » Guillemets they use: How do they do air quotes?

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May i take a giant step – 1910 Fruitgum Company

So as to not move too far away from things here, i’ve seen footage of the Onyanko Club completely decked out in 1910 Fruitgum Company attire. It may be a case of language cognizance, and their clothes are just emblazoned with an agreeable, decorative string of English words, but i think it’s intentional. Whoever was behind the decision knew who the 1910 Fruitgum Company was, and how much the Onyanko Club fit along its tradition. At least the Onyanko Club broke up before they could move into a psychedelic phase.

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Wellington’s Wednesdays – The Weakerthans

I think a common theme to this here thing (i just can’t say blog…) is my ignorance to New Order and the nudge that such ignorance and an aspirationally cool life do not coincide. Well, me being me, it wasn’t until last year that i came to know the last lines of this song were lifted from New Orders Temptation. At least i think it’s Temptation. “Oh, you’ve got green eyes. Oh, you’ve got blue eyes. Oh, you’ve got grey eyes.” That. I like the Weakerthans’ use more. Making something meaningful from something meaningful.

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Koi wa Question

Koi wa kuesu-chan – Onyanko Club

In gauging just how unbelievably successful the Onyanko Club were, they, the sub-groups, solo efforts by the members, and anything else some member was apart of, tallied (i had to count, so this may be ± some) 43 number 1 singles in the years 1985-1987. 43! And this is on the Japanese music charts, which means hundreds of thousands of copies! It seems the charts at that time were just one Onyanko single after another, a new release just replacing the former at the top. This song was released November 1st, 1986, and charted for seven weeks.

I don’t know where all the money went – the lowest portion split between the girls i’m sure – but someone made a lot of it. It may have existed, but i can’t yet see any evidence of attempts by others to imitate and reproduce this success, which one would expect under capitalism. There was a spate of idol trios a few years later, but i can’t find any Onyanko Club clones beyond the male version, Musukko Club (which was under the Onyanko Club’s company so the money went to the same place anyway), possibly because any attempt was crushed under the Onyanko paw. Such concentrated domination. I think it would sit easier with me if the Onyanko Club were a state/publically owned enterprise – the people’s girl group. Why would you even want an alternative?

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New jello – Maximillian Colby

Yay. I like it when the hardcore songs come, but for dumb reasons. To save face, mostly. Though it in a way disparages the other music that comes here that i hold just as crucially and gratifyingly, i feel better posting hardcore songs. Because it makes me feel like a big man! No. Well, not entirely. If my tastes were to exist in a bubble of my own pleasure, affecting no one else and colouring me to no one else, i’m sure i wouldn’t feel such relief on a morning i don’t have to post another K-pop or, now, 80’s Japanese idol song.

I pretty much would live in a bubble of my own pleasure if it weren’t for this thing (and i’m sure if i were to measure its effect i’d find i do completely). There are just sides of myself i wish would come through here that can’t in a deluge of nothing else. Cooler sides. Obviously there is that tension, but i’m the most hollow, obsequious person in the world and if nothing else i want this selfish, selfish, insular thing to be something people would like, maybe even something that helps them. Cooler music – music without stigma, baggage socially unfit for me to carry – would meet that want better. I just can’t be myself. This need to distance myself from things i love stems purely from imagined criticisms and reproaches, and from that many of the things i love will never win me any friends.

Maybe it’s a want of mastery, in that in the pop world i’m a lost fledgling finding his way. I struggle with what to write here all the time, and to have another morning where i have to piece together dumb, greenhorn, feeling my way words is not the most enjoyable thing. So the tension here is not to look like an idiot, rather than looking uncool. Go me. It is always preferable to write from dissent – research done because i have lived it – rather than clunky neophytism. I wouldn’t like to get this information from me.

I think the biggest tension might lie in a concern of becoming less and less connected to the things that have affected and shaped me more than anything else in my life. I don’t want to lose things. Just, if i can, lump other things with them, remaining more or less unchanged as the person that has formed here already. Growing up. I need to leave the house. The end of this song!

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Wazaari! – Ushiroyubi Sasaregumi

A Wazaari is a point score in Judo, scored when the opponent is thrown in a throw lacking one of the four required elements of an Ippon, or is held on the back for between 20 and 25 seconds on the mat. Two Wazaari accumulate to an Ippon and the bout is over. I always wanted to do Judo as a kid, but there was nowhere close enough that would teach it. Ho hum. No other martial art would do, so i never studied anything. I’m a sitting duck. The Olympic Games are on soon. The combat sports, weightlifting, diving and gymnastics are what i’ll be watching. I like sports.

Here’s a video of this song performed December 3rd, 1986, on Yuyake Nyan Nyan, with the rest of the Onyanko Club serving as back up dancers. An odd numbered Onyanko Club because someone at the back is made to dance by herself during the partnered bits. I think this song might have been #1 on the Oricon charts at the time. The audience mics were left on.

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Koi no chapter A to Z – Kawai Sonoko

I’m sorry. In addition to this crash course of intense, consumptive catching up i’m going through with this music, there is this person on youtube who only has their channel open for a few hours late at night (and i think may have something to do with Game Center CX), uploading a few clips from Yuyake Nyan Nyan each time and then disappearing. It’s all seems very secretive and for Japanese eyes only. I feel like i’ve stumbled upon something i shouldn’t have and fear to disturb it or be found out, because whoever they are, they are my most enabling of enablers and i don’t want to lose them. How else will i see each and every performance of this song – in the studio, a theme park, the street, a wresting ring, a lobby?

The last thing i hear before i go to bed – the thing that pushes going to bed further and further back – is often going to be the thing i wake up with. I’m sorry.

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Wazaari! – Ushiroyubi Sasaregumi

A march song that makes me think all this is a Japanese turn at the Mickey Mouse Club. I don’t listen to many marches, but that’s because not many people write them. Maybe because they’re not ideal structures for pop songs, being above all marches, stunted to what that demands musically and conjures visually. There’s still a Ushiroyubi Sasaregumi song in here, in the way their voices work together and the way Yuyuu echoes Mamiko in the chorus. And it’s fun, Sousa obliggatos on synthesizers all over the place towards the end.

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