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Love Rain

Love rain – Jang Geun Suk

I love rain, i love… you. I think if there is to be an absolute portrayal of pure love it should be as clunky and imperfect as this song and the show it’s from. Love Rain is the latest drama from the Winter Solstice and Autumn In My Heart people, and my first foray into this hallyu melodrama world. I thought i had better watch it, because of the people involved, and i’m enjoying it a lot more than others (non-Korean people who write things on the internet) it seems. The drama landscape has changed since ten years ago when melodramas with seasonal themes ruled. The drama watching community has changed as well. It’s all romantic comedies, supernatural and action shows now, and Love Rain is suffering both in ratings and acclaim.

I really like it though. It’s beautifully shot (filmed in Daegu, not Seoul. That’s a nice change), everything and everyone is pretty, the lead male character isn’t an arrogant, inconsiderate, wrist-grabbing jerk (though of course the lead female character is still there at a level not far above ornamentation and a site of projection. Hopefully that will change), is at a refreshingly languid pace yet things still move and happen, exists in a world, both past and present, that is very real, and holds a truth to love and believes in it.

Yes, it’s cliched, yes it’s mopey, yes it’s cringe inducing, and yes it appears as though it’s been put together as this surefire hit – i can tell that even not being that well-versed in Korean drama history – but it’s really working for me. I like the 1970’s parts more than the modern ones. I should probably go and watch those earlier dramas. Yet everyone says they’re terrible. I just don’t know who to believe.

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