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Safety net – Shop Assistants

I think there’s another song by another band that starts with this exact same floor tom-snare drum beat, this exact same bass line, with the guitar coming in at the exact same time, and i might actually have that song in my head. A more menacing, intense song. Or, to put it a better way: A differently, more conventionally menacing, intense song. An American band. But, seeing as though i can’t figure out who sang that song, let’s rejoice in another Shop Assistants song.

EDIT: I don’t usually get to do this but i figured that other song, i think. It’s Cover Band by Redd Kross, or Red Cross as they were known then. I guess they’re kind of similar.

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I don’t wanna be friends with you – Shop Assistants

The most perfect of songs. Successions of two chords, the vocals breathlessly following the changes, the Ramones-like assertiveness of the lyrics, the lead guitar line, stand-up drumming… Yes.

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