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Big Me

Big me – Foo Fighters

If i had had any money when i was younger i probably would own the first Foo Fighters album. I’m not sure whether that’s a good or bad thing, because while i would own what i still think might be a good album, it may have set my life on a different course – one i’m very glad to have steered clear of, namely a life with more Foo Fighters albums and more time spent with Dave Grohl and the horrible places he and his facial hair subsequently went. But this album’s ok. At least i think it might be. I’ve not ever heard it outside of its singles, and coming at those songs now i might be influenced by what has evidenced itself over the years with the band.

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Turn To Stone

Turn to stone – J Church

It seems a pity that the first J Church song to come on here is a cover. The amount of songs they wrote over the amount of records they put out (all great. Don’t let the never ending supply of them lying in discount bins put you off), and i subconsciously choose one of their E.L.O. covers. I have never heard Electric Light Orchestra, at least not knowingly. I imagine it’s something along the 70’s FM radio line – soft rock, smooth harmonies, easy listening, etc. Regardless, this is among my favourite set of cover songs ever. They just sound like they are having the most fun, playing these songs as loud as they can, singing their hearts out. I never even flip to the Discount side of this record – the side i bought it for. This song features Manda Rin from bis on guest vocals recorded over a telephone.

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So Natural

So natural – Gold-Bears

I’m kind of jealous of the Gold-Bears. They have this sense of melody very similar to what was going to be my thing if i ever could form a band, or somehow do everything myself. Of course, they found a way to be a band and write really good songs and go wonderful places with it all. Jerks. I would have made the songs a bit shorter. This is off the Clouberry Records 7″, not the Are You Falling In Love? album. If there even is a difference. If there is, it’s an important one.

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Big World

Big world – The Chinkees

If all third-wave ska was more like the Chinkees we wouldn’t have turned on it so. Though they were very sharply dressed and played ska music, and were Mike Park’s band, it didn’t even seem like they were a part of that scene. They were calling on something else – a tradition, not a bandwagon. A means of expression not forced expression. Maybe it is because they never had horns. They were a punk band who played ska. They had songs and this was how they played them. They have held up very well. The less-than-good parts of the band, the now embarrassing parts, are those that capitulated to and tried to match with what everyone else was doing with ska at the time. This is an incredibly personal and sad song.

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1, 2, 3, Red light – The 1910 Fruitgum Company

See? Rock did attain perfection in the late 60’s after all.

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The best part of being with you – The Groove Farm

…is saying goodbye. As a public service announcement this morning i will do my best to make better known the Groove Farm discography CD that was released last year on Big Pink Cake Records, I Know It’s Only Indiepop But I Like It. Maybe it’s more of a commercial than public service announcement. I am doing this for an intended betterment of society though. Discography CD’s seem a vitality and clutter-making thing of the past in our age of everything for nothing stored on nothing, but they are a tangible product that funnels money to the right places and so are a good thing. It was such a wonderful surprise that this was released. This is vital. My favourite thing released last year was a collection of things released 25 years ago. Buy a copy today. £9.99.

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Røvguitar – De Høje Hæle

There never was an episode of Quantum Leap where we saw how those left behind yet affected by Sam Beckett carried on with their lives. There might have been. I don’t think i’ve seen every episode. I really want to watch it again. I’ve picked a great time to decide, now that the summer’s past and school is in at last. Yup. Back to school today. I’m not looking forward to it.

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Alvin Green Senatorial campaign song – Satellite High

A joke six months old, so don’t i look cool. And of such small, solely American relevance i feel awkward and a slave to cultural filtration for even knowing about this. Thanks, internet. There are local concerns i should be laughing at. With. I don’t know how Alvin Greene’s campaign turned out, but i hope he’s happy regardless. And i don’t know if it’s right to call this a Satellite High song, it further aligning him in the parody rap camp, but it is him and he’s good at it. I’ll leave it for the ease of categorisation. In his best Wonder Mike impersonation.

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Ghost With A Boner

Ghost with a boner – Diarrhea Planet

If you didn’t already know, a band exists called Diarrhea Planet and they have a song called Ghost With A Boner. It’s a sensation. Maybe you knew but for some reason through band name and song title you prejudged it not worth your time. Don’t. It’s incredible.

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Taste – Ride

This song is a blast to play on the drums and because i feel in one of these slumps recently have a video of Mr. Everything-i’m-not doing that exact thing.

The hair, the clothes, the belt, the posture, the not-falling-apart drum kit, the non-cracked cymbals, the technique, the probably transcribed and replicated perfectly playing, the friends and ease of social life i’m sure he enjoys. Woe. Sigh.

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