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Yesterday: No – The Automatics

Today: Bombtrack – Rage Against the Machine

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Ghidra – The Automatics

King Ghidorah. His exploits put into lyric form. Songs like these write themselves, really, but way to go Automatics for wanting to pay tribute to their favourite kaiju. Or perhaps their most feared.

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Degenerate – The Automatics

More songs should be in acrostic style. Make that all songs. Lyric writing would become half the chore it is, and i would actually be able to enter the game if the playing field were leveled so. It would be like every time we were made to write a poem for English and there would be this wonderful short cut available in the form of the acrostic for us blockheads to get a leg up with. Just make sure, if writing the song in as four bars of 4/4, the word’s letters number something as well divisible by four. Otherwise you’ll have to get crafty like the Automatics did.

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Girl Is Trouble

Girl is trouble – Automatics

The Automatics (unless i’m completely unaware as to how popular they actually were/are) are one of the more underrated bands of all time. And this is a pop punk and otherwise spanning pronouncement of forgotten/unheralded greatness. The kind of greatness someone who knows what they’re talking about and are able to convey it, touching everything congruent to make it effective and hoist it to a level that means something more than the hyperbolic ramblings of someone who knows very little about acknowledgedly great music.

This song is from the second of two ten-song concept 7″ records they put out on Mutant Pop records in the 90’s. I’m not sure if these experiments were ever intended to give the shock and awe that they could fit so many songs on such a small record. It’s not so many. I mean the songs are quite long and complete. I’m sure the Automatics knew what they were doing, that perfect songs can exist in this way, in this brevity. Gimmick or no, these two records are their best in my opinion.

T. Chandler’s back of the record blurb for this song reads: “Authentic New York-style production. Can you dig it?” I have never known what that means. Music. Can anyone tell me? The only New York production that sticks out to me is the “bass in one channel, guitar in the other, drums and vocals in the middle” of the first Ramones record. Yes, i should leave this music talk to the professionals.

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