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Yesterday, 31DEC2013: Silent scream – Slayer

Today, 01JAN2014: Absolutely cuckoo – The Magnetic Fields

This is where i will leave it, and i guess it’s two appropriate songs to leave on. Though do i wish i could have filled the conspicuous absence of any Minutemen, Sleater-Kinney or Fugazi songs before i had finished. My three favourite bands (even though they’ve held that title unrevised for nearly fifteen years now) and not a single song by them in the four and a half years i’ve been throwing this crap out into the internet ether. It began as a writing exercise and it fulfilled that, and once upon a time and on occasion i wrote some ok stuff. But that ok stuff has been a rare thing recently and mostly i just wish i was doing something else. I’m a terribly slow writer and writing these would often take more hours (yeah.. hours…) than they were worth. I’m sure i won’t do anything better with my new free time but at least i’ll have it. If you somehow have stumbled upon this thing over the years searching for Lorde and LMFAO mp3’s or if you know me and have been following in secret, thanks for reading my out of touch, squeezing blood from a stone, quantifiably wrong music opinions. I’m sorry i will no longer be able to tell you which 80’s J-pop group i’m now in love with. My favourite album of last years was the Joanna Gruesome one. The best movie was Stray Dogs except i haven’t seen it yet. Prayers for life improvement in the coming year are welcome. Thank you.

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Yesterday: I think i need a new heart – The Magnetic Fields

Today: Assault on Precinct 13 main theme – John Carpenter

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Busby Berkeley dreams – The Magnetic Fields

…but there’s more often than not going to be repeats of Magnetic Fields’ songs that i’ve posted before. At least with this one i have the excuse to post Busby Berkeley routines.

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Queen of the savages – The Magnetic Fields

Yes there are still Magnetic Fields songs that haven’t made an appearance here yet. One of the slight ones tucked in the middle of the last disc of 69 Love Songs, sure, but a great song all the same. A(n) ukelele, a ditty verse repeated twice, then a guitar rendition of it, and then one more verse for good, accurate measure, ending on a feedback hum. A song. Apparently the finger clicks in this are fake.

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The luckiest guy on the Lower East Side – The Magnetic Fields

I’m going for a drive today, in fact. Right now. Someone’s getting shirty. Bye.

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The village in the morning – The Magnetic Fields

It’s really late so this will be as quick as possible, but it has been a long time since the last Magnetic Fields song. “The radio writes poetry forever” might be one of my favourite Magnetic Fields lines, but that could b because i’m a dull, base person of low life experience and expectation who is turned on by what speaks to and evokes what little experience and expectation i have. But i like to think maybe it is absolutely a great line, whoever it reaches.

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Andrew In Drag

Andrew in drag – The Magnetic Fields

I don’t own this album. I could. I’ve seen it for sale at many places, but don’t think i ever will. There’s something in me that wants to keep this band as i found them. It may be a very good album, and may fall completely in line with how i want the Magnetic Fields, but greater than any hope i have for it is the fear that it won’t. And greater than any urge to find out is the fact i already have everything i could ever want from them in those first few albums and can rest there. I’m good at supporting bands. I’m good at having faith in them.

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Summer Lies

Summer lies – The Magnetic Fields

Like a lot of people i suppose, my first Magnetic Fields album was 69 Love Songs. Age, preparedness, cool tardiness – it just came to me at the right time. So i’ll never know what was felt by people when Susan Anway’s vocals were swapped out for Stephin’s. If anything was felt at all. I could imagine, the person that i am, if i was there back then prone to any of this i would have kicked up something of a silent stink to no one, because i think i do prefer her vocals over his (and the others). Something about her voice being the right cipher for all this – blank, serviceable, inobtrusive, yet still touching all requisite points of emotion, real or pop, within these songs; his personality in a way seeping into and shaping everything he sings. But that’s a source of a whole other pleasure.

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Either you don’t love me or i don’t love you – The Magnetic Fields

The Magnetic Fields if anything taught me the redundancy of the drum track as anything more than a time keeping device. Just something, whatever, a slinky, synthesizer just set to white noise or clock, to mark 2 and 4 in each bar, kept as unobtrusive as possible and that’s enough. That being said, i do find the beat in this to be too much. Mostly the quick 1-e-+-a-2 on the high hats (or whatever) that comes to start each fourth bar. A beat must keep going, and this only rises above and puts pause to it. I’m sure, through either spark of genius or careful deliberation, it is there for the right reason, but for me it’s one of the few missteps the Magnetic Fields made. Not that it ruins the song or anything.

Also R.I.P. Koji Wakamatsu because i just found out today.

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Swinging London

Swinging London – The Magnetic Fields

I think this is the only Magnetic Fields song with backup vocals. One of a small number, if not the only. I’m not sure why it isn’t used more, because the echo it gives in the chorus of this song is a wonderful thing. Maybe the most wonderful thing. The measure we’re given is probably right and any more than this is too much of a trope thing. That’s why. I trust he knows what he is doing. It couldn’t help but exist here. Even if it didn’t, people would still sing those vacant lines themselves. It’s one of those things that is called into existence by its very absence.

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