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Rendez-vous – Stéphanie

Is it instructive to compare French (or Monacan) pop music ca. 1986 with its contemporary Japanese product? Probably. There’s always something to be learned. There is influence, although it’s not musical and i see it mostly one way: French to Japan. The romance of the place isn’t reciprocated, and what enchantment is is of the business herd, technopolis, future country Japan. But it’s always like that. That or some broad Orientalist, Japonisme, kimono dress-up fun. But the same could be said of the reverse, what little of it is there. Though not comprehensive, and there are many reasons for it (much more than i realise, i’m sure [patterns of consumption, etc.]) the French imprint on Japan is much larger and moew extensive than Japan’s on France. What do you think, Stéphanie de Monaco, Countesse de Polignac? Why can i find Japanese pressings of your records but no French pressings of Kawai Sonoko’s?

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Young ones everywhere – Stéphanie

This song was released in aid of UNICEF, which i guess blurs a line between pop star philanthropy and regal philanthropy.

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Friday 30/12: The Boys – Girls’ Generation

Saturday 31/12: Cry Cry – T-ara

Sunday 1/12: Sixth Sense – Brown Eyed Girls

Monday 2/1: Be My Baby – Wonder Girls

Tuesday 3/1: Niagara – The Wedding Present

Wednesday 4/1: Flash – Stéphanie

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Rendez-vous – Stéphanie

Because she is leaving tomorrow and i’ve often asked her to do this for me, today’s special guest BLOGGGGGGGER is my girlfriend. It was her first time hearing it (i think) and it was under duress:

“I don’t know! It’s a good song. La la la. Lalalalalala la la. I think we’re alone now… You should have done that for today. I like that song.”

I am going to miss you so much.

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Irresistible – Stéphanie

The English language version of her hit Ouragan, posted instead of that song because in this song she sings the lyric “irregardless” and i wanted to make a fuss over it like it was the most important thing in the world. The finest schools in all of Europe and still it finds a way. Firefox spell checker didn’t even find issue with it when i typed it just now. Mourn the death of the English language. Whatever. Language is a tool of communication (though not solely), and things are sometimes just as well communicated through nonsense words and misspellings. Correct use is often an enforcement of and appeal to arbitrary elitism. This song’s great.

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Flash – Stéphanie

The Princess Stéphanie of Monaco, Countess of Polignac, daughter of Grace Kelly, Stéphanie. And if i were a princess of one of the world’s richest tax haven sovereign states i’d use my power and influence to start a pop career too. It’s a dream. Royalty sells records just as easily it does tabloid magazines. Regardless of how easy, preordained and well-funded her silver platter of a music career and its success was, the songs that came from it are so brilliant it’s impossible to get curmudgeony about it.

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