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If not you – Baryshnikov

Best band. Seeing Baryshnikov last night was an unashamedly fun time. I don’t know what everyone’s problem is, if anyone even has a problem and it’s not simply myself unable to disclose in company things i like, but i put my leave in for work a month and a half ago just so i could have this weekend free to see this band who very much excite me. There is nothing i do not love about them, there’s just a way i can preserve my rectitude by being non-commital when cross examined. They were amazingly good last night, i danced as much as these heavy feet would allow, and i have this song in my head this morning as i head back to the city to see them twice more today.

I feel like a goof at shows, none more so than last night. If it were the music and music only, without pause between, before, or after songs to draw there the time to be familiar with others i would be fine. But no, it’s social, and everybody knows each other and everybody’s infinitely more charismatic than i am, so i spend my time sitting down trying to look busy, or have the luck to land myself on the perimeter of a group conversation, remaining there as one by one everyone leaves, leaving me. I helped pack in and out a whole bunch of equipment last night to a show i wasn’t even playing just to avoid standing around awkwardly. What a dork. And i talked to Christina of Baryshnikov, whose nice animations occupied the time between Thinking and the Thaw’s sets, about the weather of all things. What a dork. I miss going to shows anonymously, and i miss going to shows anonymously with Peter even more. Twice more today.

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