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Springloaded – Back of Dave

There’s this vendor at the Glebe record fair that has the Back of Dave 7″ at $40. His whole stock is unevenly priced like that. It’s a mix of stuff with prices either written in texta on the bags, on old, near-peeling off price stickers, or with nothing at all, and you can tell he hasn’t set any of it himself, just collected it from wherever in bulk and thrown it in crates without inspection. I’ve gotten Kleenex, Polyphonic Size, Josef K and Hated records off him for $5 each, yet this and others sit in there for ridiculous amounts.

I’ve bought some of those ridiculously amounted records already, thinking they couldn’t possibly be going for what they ask. But they are and he won’t budge at all on the prices. I feel like saying “Guy, i’m pretty sure i’m the only one around here who’s still dumb enough and still caught in this music to even think about buying that record, so just give it to me,” except that would mean talking to a grouchy record vendor, and i know it will always be there, unsold. So if he ever does take stock and wonders what is stopping this holy grail $40 7″ from selling and maybe considers that it’s set about $35 more than it should be, i’ll know where to find it.

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