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U.F.O. – De Høje Hæle

I am coming to think of this band as the Dr. Samuel Beckett of punk: Coming from another time to ours (or at least from another country to ours) for the briefest yet most vital moment, setting everything right, saving me. Then a week later they jump and we never see them again, and i’m left only with their album, the memory of seeing them and a space forever in my heart for de Høje Hæle. Oh boy. I wonder if we will ever see them again. I wonder if they’re still a band.

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9 Gange I Træk

9 gange i træk – De Høje Hæle

I had a dream last night in which i either saw this band again or re-ran a time i saw them previously. Whenever the time, they played while wearing heavy freezer jackets, which serves invention over memory. It was February when they were here. It was a fun dream regardless.

I haven’t seen a band for so long. Tonight i will break that streak as i actually leave the house and see In Sepia. Wish me a fun, happy time.

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Hak Hak Hak

Hak hak hak – De Høje Hæle

What do i do now? With them over in Denmark and me left here, how do i keep up with de Høje Hæle and what they will do in the future? This will take some vigilance. More vigilance than pressing that like button on facebook. I’m not sure even that’s a possibility. I could delve into and correspond with the band and their home scene but i’m worried that theirs is not an isolated amazingness among Danish bands, and i will fall into something, though rewarding, i’m not at the moment prepared for. It would be remiss of everything i stand for to leave my exposure of the Denmark that made de Høje Hæle just to de Høje Hæle. They should come back.

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Paranoia Døgnet Rundt

Paranoia døgnet rundt – De Høje Hæle

Translates to “Paranoia Day Tour” according to google. I wish my friend Peter was here. He and his Danish blood could translate it far better. Anyway, it’s only three words. Paranoia Day Tour. Punk rock.

I think i had ought to go to this last Newcastle show of theirs to a) have a good time, and b) to let De Høje Hæle know that i love them, that i am so grateful they decided to travel to this other side of the world, and they’ve rendered me a completely changed person to the one who had no idea they existed until a few weeks ago. I can’t let them go back to Denmark without knowing.

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Maybe it’s an unreleased song, maybe it’s on the tape – De Høje Hæle

It is not on the album, it is not on the 7″, so trust me to have it in my head. It is this song:

They played it both nights i saw them and i think it’s my favourite song of theirs. Truly an incredible band, of a kind we just don’t have here. Maybe now that they’ve come here and blown everyone away their effect will trickle down. Maybe someone’s out there looking to start a band along similar good time lines right now and are just looking for that someone else namely me. My eternal gratitude to the band and whoever else was involved in this past tour (that just won’t end. Another Newcastle show on the 19th!) for it happening, happening here, and for it being so… happening.

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