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Money, money, money – ABBA

Like the Beatles covering Money (That’s What I Want), ABBA really don’t seem the kind of people to share financial commiseration with or have it handed down from. But that’s the effect and restructuring of having made it: The gap between you and your audience is irrevocably drawn the farthest apart it can be. Commonality is gone, and all you can do (and often to your benefit [$$$]) is practise reversion and approximate the dreams and situation of your fanbase.

Scoffing over that fracture between band and listener shouldn’t really be as much of a reflexive gag here, though. At least not it this world. It is a service, it is pop music. It is good, often great, music made to meet the hearts and pockets of the listening public. I didn’t mean for that to sound so cynical. It is also often music drawn from the hearts of those who write and love it just as much, even if it pays their bills one hundred times over.

if a man answers


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Dum Dum Diddle

Dum dum diddle – ABBA

Listen to this song and then listen to When You Were My Baby by the Magnetic Fields and tell me i’m crazy and the synth patch (and even some of the lines) on the latter is not targeted and based around that of the former – itself an approximation of some string instrument. These things don’t matter, they just make me go “hey…”

i drink your blood

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Knowing me, knowing you – ABBA



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